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Quick quiz answers

Answers for Christmas day 2016 to 07.01.2017

Which of the four Gospels tells the story of Jesus being born in a stable?

(a) Matthew; This Gospel tells of the birth of Jesus, but the stable is not mentioned.         

(b) Mark; this Gospel starts with John the Baptist and Jesus' baptism.                               

(c) Luke;       This is the correct answer. The story is told in Luke chapter2 verses 5to 7.   

(d) John. This Gospel begins with a prologue  then goes to the story of John the Baptist.

Which of the four Gospels tells the story of the Wise Men visiting Jesus?

       (a) Matthew; This is the correct answer. This story is told in Matthew chapter 2 verses 1 to 12

(b) Mark;   This gospel does not mention the Wise Men.                                                    

(c) Luke;    This gospel does not mention the Wise Men.                                                   

(d) John.    This gospel does not mention the Wise Men.                                                  



Answers for Advent 4 18.12.2016 to 25.12.2016

The Church Season of Christmas lasts for:

(a) All of December;  Shops may play Christmas carols and decorate for the whole month before  Christmas in a bid to woo shoppers to buy.

(b) December and January;

(c) 12 days; This is the correct answer;                    

(d) 7 Days. Again, this answer is incorrect.                             

Which Church Season follows immediately after Christmas?

(a) Advent;  Advent is the season that preceeds the season of Christmas.

(b) Christingle; this is a Christmas service that fits well with Children's understandsax

(c) Epiphany; This season follows Christmas and concentrates on the coming of the wise men, and the focus being on the the Gentiles (non-jews) receiving God in their lives.  This answer is correct.

(d) Lent.  Lent is a few months away and tells the story of Jesus' death and resurrection.               

Answers for 11.12.16 to 17.12.16

Which Gospels tell the story of Christmas?

(a) Matthew; This Gospel tells one story Christmas. This is a correct answer.

(b) Mark; This Gospel begins with John the Baptist and the start of Jesus' ministry.

(c) Luke;  Luke's Gospel also tells a story of Christmas. This is also a correct answer.

(c) John. John's Gospel starts with a theological statement and then on to John the Baptist.   

Where in Bethlehem was Jesus born?

(a) In a maternity hospital; In the time when Jesus was born there were no maternity hospitals.

(b) In the palace;  There was no palace in Bethlehem.

(c) In a stable;  There was no room in the Inn so Mary and Joseph went to a stable (the equivalent of a car park today) This is the correct abswer.                  

(d) In the street.  This would have not been allowed because they would obstruct the narrow roadway.         

Answers for 04.12.16 to 10.12.16

John the Baptist features in a major way in the Bible readings from the Second Sunday of Advent. What was John the Baptist's main message to the people?

(a) That people who have good clothes should share with those who have none; This was only part of the message.

(b) That the Pharisees and the Sadducees were vipers (poisonous snakes); Again this was only part of the message;       

(c) That the people were to turn to God and change the way you think and act; This was the main message so is the most correct answer. The key is "change".

(d) That the people were to prepare the way for the Lord! Make his paths straight.   This saying is attributed to the prophet Isaiah and quoted by John the Baptist.

 Part of the message Paul wrote to the Romans, in chapter 15  he pointed out "...everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide , we may have hope." This verse was written to tell people to always have hope in God and confidence in his actions even if we do not see it at the time. This verse, even though in some translations is slightly different is verse:

(a) verse 1;   

(b) verse 4;  This is the correct answer.

(c) verse 7;   

(d) verse 13.

 Answers for 13.11.16 to 19.11.16

This week both questions will refer to the same set of Bible verses. In the Old Testament there are two books of Kings. They are both labeled as Books of Kings: 1 Kings and 2 Kings. The story is continued from the first to the second. Today's quiz comes from the first Book of Kings, chapter 17, verses 2 to 6:

First question: Which prophet is this section talking about?

(a) Ezra  was the governor sent back from Babylon to oversee the reconstruction of Jerusalem.   

(b) Elijah  was fed morning and evening by ravens as God promised him. This is the correct answer      

(c) Isaiah  was a prophet who warned people if they did not change their city would be destroyed and towards the end of the Book encouraged those returning to Jerusalem after the exile in Babylon.

(d) Zephaniah was one of the minor prophets. in most Bibles it is the last book of the Old Testament.

Second question: Which creature provided the prophet with food?

(a) Sparrow   was a small bird that poor people purchased for their sacrifices when they could not afford a bigger creature to offer as a sacrifice.

(b) Dove   This bird was sent out by Noah when he wanted to see if the great flood was receding.

(c) Raven   These birds brought Elijah food every morning and evening as God promised. This is the correct answer.     

(d) Turkey  is a fairly large bird that is often domesticated and cooked for special occasions, or is a wild bird that likes scratching leaves and grass to make a mound for hatching their eggs.     

Answers for 06.11.16 to 12.11.16.

How many books make up the New Testament of the Bible?

  (a) 4    There are more than 4 books in the New Testament, but there are 4 Gospels.           

(b) 27     The New Testament has 27 books that make it up. This is the correct answer.

(c) 50       The number 50 is not significant for this question.    

(d) 66      The complete Protestant Bible has 66 books in it.     

What is the fifth Book in the New Testament?

(a) Luke's Gospel    Luke's Gospel is the third of the 4 Gospels, and is the 3rd book in the New Testament.                  

(b) The Acts of the Apostles    The Acts of the Apostles is the 5th Book of the New Testament. This is the correct answer.

(c) The Letter to the Romans  The Letter to the Romans is the 6th book of the New Testament and is the first of Paul's Letters.

(d) The Book of Revelation     The Book of Revelation is the last Book in the New Testament.

Answers for 30.10.16 to 05.11.16

The words, "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." (NIV) This verse is  found in the Bible in the New Testament:

(a) Matthew 19.10. This verse says, "The disciples said to him, 'If this is the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry.'"

(b) Mark 19.10    There is no chapter 19 in Mark's Gospel.

(c) Luke 19.10    This is the correct answer

(d) John 19.10   This verse refers to Jesus being questioned by Pilate after the arrest

In the Old Testament, there is a Book called Habakkuk.  In chapter 2 verse 4b has some words written. Note: the 'b' means the second section of the verse. Which one is the correct verse?

(a) "but the righteous person will live by his faithfulness."(NIV) This quote is from Habakkuk chapter 2, verse 4b. This is the correct answer.            

(b) "The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted."(NIV)   This quote is from Habakkuk chapter 1, verse 4b.

(c) " The LORD looked with favour on Able and his offering"(NIV) This reference is from the Book of Genesis chapter 4 verse               

(d) "They were dressed in white and had crowns of gold on their heads. " (NIV) This reference is from The Book of Revelation chapter 4, verse 4b. This is a New Testament Book.

Answers for week 23.10.16 to 29.10.16

The words, "God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."(APBA) comes from which Book of  the New Testament in the Bible? The correct reference  is  :

If  you look up (a), (b), and (c) you would see they are not the verse shown above.

(d) John 3.16: This is the correct answer, but the wording in various Bibles may be slightly different. All Bibles in English are translations of the original languages. Because John's Gospel is in the New Testament it would be a translation from Greek. In translation, the translator usually tries to communicate the original idea, not necessarily the original wording. Also, over time the meaning of words or phrases change so the translator uses the wording that the readers would best understand. However, the main aim of this passage is to show how much God loves his creation -- us humans!

Three of the Gospels are known as the Synoptic Gospels because they share much of the same story. which one is different?

(a), (b), and (c) tell much the same story. These three Gospels are known as the Synoptic Gospels They were the first three written, and are usually dated as having been written in the first century A.D.

(d) John's Gospel is different: It is generally believed to have been written about the end of the first century A.D. or just into the secondary century A.D. It has often been called the more "spiritual" or "theological" Gospel because the main focus is on the way Jesus life and ministry themes carry the story of God's love for humans. the Synoptic Gospels, on the other hand, generally try to give a more historical account of Jesus life and ministry. This is the correct answer.

Answers for Week 16.10.16 to 22.10.16

Who was the main human character in the beginning of the Book of Exodus in the Bible?

(a) Adam was the first man created according to the Book of Genesis, which is the first book of the Old Testament of the Bible. The question asked for the main human character in the Book of Exodus, the second Book of the Bible;

(b) Moses was the main human character in the Book of Exodus, the second book of the Bible. 

(c) Samuel was the last Judge and a Prophet who anointed the first and second king in the Bible.

(d) Joseph was one of twelve sons of Israel who was disliked by his brothers who sold him into slavery. He was a slave in Egypt but rose to the position of second in command to Pharaoh. It was his and his brothers descendants who were enslaved by the Egyptians. Moses let them to freedom from the slavery.

(b) Moses was the correct answer.

Which Gospel writer is credited with writing two Books in the Bible?

(a) Matthew only wrote the one Book in the Bible: the Gospel which bears his name. It is the first one in the New Testament, though many theologians today believe he wrote his Gospel after Mark wrote his.

(b) Mark wrote the Gospel which appears second in the New Testament. Many theologians believe he wrote the first Gospel of the four.

(c) Luke is given the credit for writing the third Gospel in the New Testament. But he is also credited as the author of The Acts of the Apostles which appears just after the fourth Gospel. Luke is the correct answer.

(d) John wrote the fourth Gospel in the New Testament. This one is a little different from the other three. Some scholars believe he wrote it in the way he did to counteract some false teachings that were spring up in the early church. 

Answers for Week 09.10.16 to 15.10.16

Who was credited as the writer of the Psalms?

(a) Moses is credited with writing the first five Books of the Bible. That is Genesis; Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers; and Deuteronomy. He did not write the Psalms.

(b) Gideon was one of the leaders who God appointed to save his people in the promised land after they wandered away from true worship of God and were overrun by their neighbours. The Judges led the people in God's strength to conquer their enemies and restore peace to the land. none of the Judges wrote the Psalms.

(c) David was the great king who loved God and set up worship that would become part of the Temple worship as long as the temple stood. As part of this worship David composed a number of sacred songs that were sung in the worship. After David's death others continued king David's tradition, but for many years all of the Psalms were attributed to David. This is the correct answer. King David is credited with writing the Psalms.

(d) Solomon was king Davis's son. He is credited with also writing poetic work, but generally not the psalms. Some of the poetic work attributed to Solomon are the Proverbs and the Song of Songs.

How many Apostles did Jesus Appoint?

(a) Three.  Jesus appointed more than three Apostles. Three often refers to the "Persons" of God: The Father; The Son, Jesus; and The Holy Spirit.

(b) Seven. In the Bible, seven is also a significant number. in the Book of Genesis the creation story tells of God creation everything in six days and resting on the seventh day. God called the seventh day a  Holy day. He meant people to take a rest day every seventh day. Jesus had more than seven apostles.

(c) Ten is another significant number in the Bible. The Ten Commandments are among it's important uses. Jesus had more than ten Apostles.

(d) Twelve was the number of the tribes of Israel. The Temple in the city of Jerusalem had twelve gates. Jesus appointed twelve Apostles. Jesus had many more disciples than twelve. Jesus called many to follow him. a disciple was one who followed Jesus and learnt from him. Apostles were disciples who were chosen to carry the message of Jesus and do so in leadership roles. This is the correct answer

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