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Service Themes

 On the 21st March 2017 the Church season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. This is the day we, as Anglican Christians, examine our lives and confess our sins. We use a custom which dates back thousands of years in which we wear ash to show our desire to repent. In the Christian version of the service the priest draws an ash cross on our forehead which we usually wear for the rest of the day.

During Lent, a series of themes are covered. these help us to prepare for that great Christian Feast of Easter. Many people extend the Lenten Ash Wednesday beginning by giving up something for Lent. This represents a fast which people used to do (and many still do) when they are seeking to control bodily desires which may take them away from the worship of God. Of course, some people make a token effort while others make large changes to their lives during Lent - some of them are quite costly for the person, but they believe it is for God so it is worthwhile.

A more modern approach has added a "Taking Up" (or taking on) something for Lent to grow  closer to God and improve their life as a Christian. To do this, often involves others. Sometimes people gather to take on a Lenten Study. (If anyone would like a copy of such a study, please let our church know.) The purpose is to help us able to live up to the two Commandments: To Love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and soul; and to love our neighbour as oneself.

However, the best way to get the most out of the season of Lent is to: attend Church each Sunday; Take on an extra study to improve our Christian life; and to give up something that keeps us from loving God and other people as ourselves.

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