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Bible Study Groups and Religious Education

For a long time now our Church has been running Bible Studies. We believe it is important for a Christian to know what is in the central book of our faith. As such we offer FREE Bible study to all who would like to take the time to come along to the studies.

We usually run a six to eight week course every school term covering a specific topic, but occasionally some may span more than one term. Some of the courses we have run so far have included "Know the Bible Story", "The Letter to the Hebrews", "The Letter to the Galatians", "The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel", "A look at the Message of the Shortest Books of the Bible", "Matthew's Gospel", "The Healings Jesus Performed", Luke's Gospel", a number of "Lenten Studies", and an "Introduction to Biblical Hebrew", "The legal Anglican Prayer Books in this Diocese", and others.

Mostly, our study groups meet of a Wednesday morning for an agreed time. This usually ranges from 60 minutes to 90 minutes duration depending on the wishes of the group. If other times are preferred we will do our best to try to accommodate them. Everyone is welcome to join the Group. The commitment is to the group for the duration of the sessions, and the usual format is to examine the Scriptures and spend some time in discussion to help us understand what the scripture meant at the time to which it refers, identify the spiritual truths in that part of the Bible, and apply the truth to our life, and our Church in our place and time. In  other words, the study of the Bible  helps us to know how we should act to be true to God in our own life, in the life of our Church, and the community.

Term 1 2017 Study Group

This  study is an 8 week study looking at

"A Look at John's Gospel"

This study will be led by Fr. John McNamee

This study group starts on Wednesdays  in the Green Room at 9am.  All are welcome. It is a very interesting study and is suitable for beginners as well as people well versed in the Bible.

For further information phone 07 5525 1018.

Other Christian Education

Within the Good Shepherd Anglican Parish we believe in making available to our members things necessary to enable Spiritual growth both within the individual and within the Church. To enable this to happen, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, teaching occurs within our church services in the form of regular minor but legal variations in the service, a roster of priests preaching mainly Biblical Based sermons, and the involvement of the laity, or non-ordained members of the congregation in the Services. As well as the teaching that occurs in the services, we also make provision to train people who we believe are called to particular tasks or ministries within the Church. An example of this is if someone is called to become a Liturgical Assistant, then there is a training course available to him or her. People seeking baptism either for themselves or their children are taught the basics of  what being a Christian is all about. Similarly, those seeking marriage are taught about Christian Marriage, etc.

Religious Education in Schools

Our parish is also active in teaching religion at the State School next door the Church. We urge the State Government to continue the practice of allowing teaching religion in schools. There are already plenty of safeguards in place: parents give permission for their children to attend religious education sessions by teachers who have been given approval; they have the right to withdraw their children from classes if they wish. If religious education was not allowed would that also mean physical education and sport classes by the community would also be at risk?

The Op Shop is a place for answering questions about our faith if requested

Our Op Shop is often the contact place for teaching and helping people in need. Current Pew Bulletins are available if customers would like one for free. We gratefully accept donations of clothing, books, bed lined, brick-a-back, cutlery, crockery, etc. (The only thing we cannot accept is 240 volt powered items.) Any items we cannot use in our Op Shop are usually passed on to other charities in our area. The OP Shop raises money for and provides goods to help those who we cannot reach in within the setting of a Church Service, or in many  face-to-face situations.


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