Anglican Church of the good Shepherd
Parish of Mudgeeraba

4 Tarrant Drive, Mudgeeraba Qld 4213 Australia


We believe when a person is Baptised, he/she as a is a member of the Body of Christ, the Church. As such we are called to live as a true Christian. A true Christian wants to share with others the love God gives to us. This means in Christ's name we are to take our place in the Church and reach out to others. When we do this we call it a 'ministry'. Within our ministry when we reach out to others, often those outside the church as well, in accord with God's wishes: we are going on a mission. The object of a mission is to follow God's instructions to us in the power of the Holy Spirit from within the Body of Christ. As such, we are all ministers and missionaries.

Our Church supports a number of Missionary Societies. they include:

The Church Missionary Society (CMS);

 Anglican Board of Missions (ABM);

Bush Church Aid Society (BCA);

Bush Mission Fund;

Scripture Union, School Chaplaincy;

Mudgeeraba Community Carols;

Surfers Paradise Anglican  Crisis Centre (SPACC);

World Vision child eponsorship & disaster appeals;


The Bible Society;




Any things for which the Archbishop asks the parish to give to.

Note: not much of this would happen except for our OP Shop and the hard working volunteers.


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